Although HK&S Iron Company was incorporated in 1963, its beginnings can actually be traced back to 1958 when John King and Roger Hallock formed H&K Iron Company. Located at NW 39th & North Grand Boulevard in Oklahoma City, this newly formed company specialized in ornamental iron.    

HK&S Iron Company, Inc. was officially created when John King, Ray Sanders and a third partner decided to incorporate their still young business in 1963 - H&K became HK&S. Seeing the need for additional space, HK&S moved to its current location on Council Road in 1965. It was soon after this move that HK&S entered the structural steel fabrication business. Over time, Mr. King eventually became the only original owner still involved with the company. 

HK&S Iron has seen consistent growth throughout the years, and today is a multi-million dollar company. This continual growth and success has been made possible by the hard work and loyalty of hundreds of employees over the years.  HK&S staff take pride in themselves knowing that in the nearly 50 years of existence, HK&S has never laid off a single employee. The company looks forward in continuing the work of past employees and building upon the successes that have made HK&S Iron Company what it is today. 


John King - 1963 to 1997
John King was a veteran of the steel fabrication industry.  After serving in the United States Marine Corp during World War II, he went to work at Capitol Steel and Iron in Oklahoma City for 16 years. It was during his time there that Mr. King would become an excellent iron worker.  He had the special ability to do anything with steel and treated it as an art. Mr. King, along with his wife Elizabeth, are considered the founders of HK&S Iron Company.  John King remained as president of HK&S Iron until his death in 1997. 

Robert W. Whittall - 1997 to 2009
Having been employed with HK&S since 1967, Bob Whittall was also a veteran of the steel fabrication industry. Becoming the second president of HK&S in 1997, his vast knowledge in the industry pushed HK&S to even greater heights.  Through his leadership and vision for the company, HK&S has reached its current level of achievement.  After 42 years of loyal service to HK&S Iron, Bob retired in December of 2009.



John Ray - 2009 to Present

John Ray came to HK&S in 1995 as Vice President of Estimating.  John has been in the steel industry for several decades and in this time has acquired an immeasurable knowledge in the internal workings of the steel fabrication process.  Since becoming President in 2009, he has been responsible for several major modernization upgrades in the company that will allow HK&S to remain a leader in the industry for years to come. 



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